Our Sports Story!!

We are so very fortunate to open up a Family Locally Owned and Operated Sports Store.  We have not only played ball, we have given our time and enjoyed every last minute.  Whether Coaching now over 15 years, or being a team mom running from field to field, or just being a happy fan we love the thrill, the comradery, the kids and the community.  We have three beautiful children who love sports and this just made sense.  Why not work in a field you love?
At Maximum Sports we are catering to everyone, all ages, youth boys, girls, men, women & seniors.  We have Baseball, Softball, Football, Basketball & Volleyball sections.  We carry equipment, apparel, shoes and accessories.  We even offer you a better bid on your school, league or team items.  

We have NFL, MLB, NBA & NCAA Gifts & Memorabilia.  Come in and tell us your favorite Team.  We carry team apparel offering embroidery & customization, trophies & Coaches/team gifts.  If what you’re looking for isn’t in the store, we will do our best to get it!

  **There is a 10% discount for Chamber Members, Teams, Players, Schools, Students, Team Mom’s, Coaches, Athletic Directors and Shoppes at Exit 24 businesses. So whether you play or you’re a fan stop by The Shoppes at Exit 24, Phoenix, Suite K and check us out!   **THIS EXCLUDES LETTER JACKETS, CUSTOM APPAREL, EMBROIDERY & BATS.


  10 am-5:00 pm

10 am -   5:00pm

10 am -   5:00 pm

10 am-    5:00 pm

10 am -    5:00 pm

10 am -3 pm


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